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I've been reading and updating myself with the latest information about insurance, hoping to share what I know in this blog. Along the way, I'll recommend some useful videos, audios and ebooks for your personal needs.

I sincerely hope these resources can help you have a better understanding what types of insurance coverages you really need, and don't totally rely on your insurance agents.

Secrets Of Insurance
First of all, I'll like to recommend this eBook - Secrets Of Insurance. Inside will have greater details about all sorts of insurance you need to know. After reading, I found that there were tons of "hidden" secrets most of our insurance agents don't even know.

These fine prints are crafted by the big insurance companies to take advantages of little people like us. When things happen, they will push all the blames back to us and denying the payments. I highly recommend this ebook for all insurance agents, and people who wants to know more about insurance.